About us

 Resource Center for Multicultural Community Tokai

Date of Establishment:
 8 October 2008

Authorized as NPO (Not-for-Profit organization) by Nagoya-city in:
 24 September 2009Organization ID: 1381

Contact Detail:
 Address: 〒453-0041 5-6-1 Honjin-dori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi, JAPAN
 Email: mrc-t@nifty.com
 Tel:  070-4114-6268
 Fax: 050-3488-1414

Our Goal:
  We aim to contribute to the culturally cohesive society by working together with the foreign and Japanese residents to solve problems, and improve issues, around cooperation, coproduction and coexistence between different groups and individuals (i.e. foreign residents and Japanese residents, among foreign residents / Japanese residents), through projects to support various activities in realizing Multi-cultural coexistent society (Tabunka Kyosei Syakai).

Our Projects:
 1. Promoting the concept of Multi-cultural coexistence (Tabunka Kyosei)
 2. Promoting social participation of the foreign residents
 3. Building network of human resources and communication in order to build Multi-cultural coexisting society (Tabunka Kyosei Shakai)
 4. Youth work for young people with foreign background
 5. Other project to support our organizational goal

Board members:As of 1 June 2014)
 Representative Director, Vice-representative Director, Director, Auditor-secretary

Memberships:As of 1 June 2014)
 Group: Organization member
 Individual: Regular member, Supporting member

How we started:
  In December 2007 and January 2008, a series of "meeting to talk about sustainable development of projects to support residents of foreign background" were held in order to promote multicultural coexisting society in Tokai region. Then in the following February, the volunteers from the meetings got together and set up a founding committee of the intermediary organization for multicultural coexistence in order to "connect the dot" between organizations willing to give support and those who need them. Finally in October 2008, Resource Center for Multicultural Community Tokai was set up as a voluntary organization after over twenty preparatory meetings. The organization was registered as Not-for-Profit organization in September 2009.

Collaborative organization:
 Local authorities, International associations, NGOs and Not-for-Profit organizations

Main projects for Year 2015:
 1. Organizing the support system for Japanese learners
 2. Organizing the support system for foreign residents in natural disaster
 3. Supporting foreign mothers and children with developmental difficulty
 4. Supporting the ethnic community within Japan
 5. Holding "Aichi Multicultural Film Festival"